Friday, March 25

self affirmation? fuck that.

4 followers! yay! i dont know what happened but life is starting too look up. spring is almost here, and hopefully a job will come with it! and when september rolls around, im most likely going to move to Israel with the Law of Return. i cant wait to see the world, and do all the things ive wanted to do in my life. the only thing that sucks is that i want to be with someone, but there is no one i know of around here who is my "type". oh well. time takes time. heres some things ive been meaning to keep in my mind, maybe it will help you more than i


  1. You'll find someone in time. In the meantime, seeing the world is a pretty awesome idea.

  2. I'm going through some tough stuff too. My last girlfriend, and the only girl I ever really loved, broke up with me cause she thought I didn't love her which is so far from the truth. I learned to pick my head up and try to find someone else, and even though it's hard I'm feeling better. You'll find someone soon. I'll be following to see how everything goes with you.