Monday, March 28

remember to feed the fish!

so I've spent my whole sick day reading generally useless crap on the internet. which brings me to my point. the internet controls us. and it does so, because we let it. i remember when having fun was going in the back yard and playing around with my imagination. climbing up a tree was like climbing a mountain, or adventuring through the jungle. there is a lot more to life than what the internet holds. but the thing is, the internet has become life. most phones these days have internet capabilities. i can take a picture on my phone, and immediately send it to facebook and tag it within the space of a couple seconds. we have become so numb to the things that are truly beautiful in this life, what with new products and services shoved in our faces daily. BUY THIS! DO THAT! why? why cant i just enjoy the night sky instead of the newest motion picture? i once hear a quote along the lines of the things we buy end up controlling us. that is no longer true. the things we have bought, have been controlling us. and why cant we escape it? because of convenience. its much easier to solve a math problem with a calculator than with mental math. its a lot easier to keep in contact with friends by liking their status, or following their tweets, than sitting down with a pen and paper and writing to them. nowadays humans are inherently lazy, myself included. capitalism has given way to the idea that the person with the most shit wins. but life isn't a game, and sooner or later everyone dies. so the next time you're out somewhere, i want you to do something you don't normally do, be it holding open the door for the person behind you, or maybe something simple as parking a bit farther away on purpose. break the cycle, destroy the "norm".

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