Sunday, March 13


i want to move out of this shithole country, but i love it none the less. i love being wild and crazy, yet i want to join the military. i loved a girl, then turned around and cheated on her. my life the past few years has been crazy. from getting my first car, to feeling my first heartbreak, shits been wild. a lot of regret. a lot of pain. but a lot of good too. i have a few best friends, a loving mother, and a healthy body. i just wish i had a job, something to do with my time/start my life.

if i could move anywhere i wanted, it would be a toss up between Israel, or somewhere down south of the mason-dixon line. its funny, i moved up here from florida almost 5 years ago now, and yet the atmosphere makes it seem like im in the dirty south, not dirty jersey.

they call me bengo. im as random as they come, and i dont care what you think about me. i like dubstep and country. im just a mix of everything. which has left me feeling like im not creative at all, considering my ideas and what not are bits and pieces of other peoples words. but if you think about it, thats how life is. there is no one who has the authority to judge what is right, or original, or anything for that matter. there is no one on this earth with the true power to pass "divine" judgment over us. and yet we do it anyway.

more on that, and everything under the sun later. its 6:16 and im going to sleep. peace.

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