Thursday, April 14

life sucks. and then you die.

im slowly losing my mind here. i wake up every day and try and be a good person. but im starting to question, what is it for? yeah, world peace is a nice pipe dream, but when good people get shat on (figuratively of course) and the pricks, assholes, scumbags, what have you, get it good, i wonder what the fuck is the point of it all. right now im "working" for a friend of mine, but im not getting paid, and thats fine, i understand the situations we're all in, and im a nice person. but what pisses me off is that we all are struggling to put fuel in the equipment, to get the work done, and get paid. but people take their sweet fuckin time go get the money to us. if my friend got all the money people owed him, we all would be in much better shape right now. and on top of that theres all this pointless fucking drama, and people who are downright idiots. on any given day you could probably find me daydreaming. i usually dream im somewhere very far away, secluded, secure. like a log cabin at the top of some mountain in god knows where with just me and now, my new dog. her name is bella and shes a sweetheart. i just wish i was in a better financial situation to take care of her, let alone myself. goodnight. and good luck.

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