Sunday, April 3

i want to scream.

its 6:12 as i start this. and this early in the morning i usually find myslef asking the same questions i asked the nights before. what is the purpose of this life? what is the meaning of existence? why? to what end does all this serve? im normally a happy-go-lucky person. but deep inside there is an intense hate. i hate stupidity. i hate bigotry. i hate racism, sexism, genocide, war, murder, intolerance (and the fact that hating intolerance is in and of itself intolerant), and anything else that destroys another humans happiness. but most of all i hate ignorance. and i have this strong, burning hatred for all these things and more, not because i dilute myself to think that world peace is actually attainable, but because to me, they are the epitome of evil. i hate my own shortcomings in trying to change the world, and even more my lack of motivation, inability, and the fact that i dont know where to start to change this corrupted world we live in. some nights i just sit outside and dream of burning the world down. starting fresh, promoting all that is good in this world. and then my mind automatically comes up with a counter argument (im the son of two lawyers, so yeah). there is evil in this world because thats what makes the good times good. yin and yang. good and evil. but why, if almighty God created us all in His image, why not make it so that there was no need for evil? these thoughts and questions are more than likely going to haunt me until the day i die. maybe then, when im in "the afterlife" will i find the answers to these questions. before i go, i have a mission for all who read this. do something kind at least once a week. dont just give the homeless your spare change, have a meaningful, in depth conversation with them. if you see someone picking on someone else, do whatever you can to make them stop, maybe even try to teach them that they wouldnt like it if it was done to them. the next time youre about to snap and yell at someone, think about a more peaceful, less angry way to get what you want to express out. maybe, just maybe, you and i can do our part to turn "humanity" away from its self destructive ways.  and just cause it popped in my head, ill end on a quote from the talmud. (its not verbatim, but the wisdom remains) "he who takes another man's life, destroys an entire world ; he who saves a man's life, saves an entire world". good morning everyone.

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